Open House of Alchemist Delights Spring Fling!!!

Sunday, April 3 · 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Location The Oak and the Ax
140 Main Street *Suite 107 (all the way in back) follow the pink hearts of LOVE
Biddeford, ME

Open House of Alchemist Delights is beyond thrilled to be moving our location to the Oak and the Ax for an afternoon that will thrill and simulate all the senses..
Delicious food and drink from the Oak and the Ax..
KittyWitch Perfumery with the Magic, Love and Yums of all natural perfumes..Re-introducing a past favorite “Pan’s Pleasure” a deep smokey, resin, nonfloral cologne….swoon&sigh..
Ms. Gerow with be available for tarot reading, and a full menu of her other magical healing services
and.. the beautiful gelatin monoprints of Laura Dunn will be on display!
A true afternoon eat, drink and be merry with all the Delights the Alchemists have to welcome Spring!!


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Its been a Pan type of Day…

The moss on the trees have blossomed to full lush vibrant green, and the sounds of all the melting is a song of release and promise..I think of spring and my thoughts return to the idea of bringing back a past KittyWitch Perfumery favorite..
“Pan’s Pleasure”…with a base of amber, and sandelwood I play with revamping the recipe.. I have been recently intoxicated with vetivert so thats a must.. ohh maybe moss oak, or deerstounge.. Looking for that deep, turn over a rock, yummy rich dirt smell, that makes you want to…nuzzle the neck of a sweetheart or three..
This blend will be ready just in time for Spring with all the promise of fun and frolick….
So thats the other notes I hear in this melting song… bits of a reed pipe beckoning new thoughts from an old friend.

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Incubation during Hibernation

The wanning moon has woken me up in the early morning for the last couple of days. This fading light shinning full on causing me to wake and stare at its ebbing intensity. Its this ebbing intensity that is causing my patience level to be stretched… I love to hibernate, slow down, regroup and let the splender of calm wash over me, but now at this point in a very bold long winter I’m chomping at the bit. All new ideas are ready to burst forth… so I have taken one of these ideas and have brought it to fruit .. incubating a new line of Major Arcana Tarot Perfumes during hibernation. They were debuted at our last Open House of Alchemist Delights of Love and are now for sale at our Etsy store  Not too sure which one would be right for you?? Let me pull a card and help you choose a Tarot Perfume!! I can’t stop wearing the Lovers and the World together..sigh.. yums. xxoo

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With Love from Cupid…

Phew..Busy, busy in the alchemist lair. Mixing all that love, magic and yums!!! Gearing up for an action packed KittyWitch Valentines weekend… winter farmer’s market, open house of alchemist delights, demos, guest speaking..and I guess what else would a Love Warrior be doing this weekend but” bringing in the love and pushing out the jive”..
so enjoy the picts of my little love vinettes.. my Valentine to you all!! xoxo mews

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Mission Accomplished

hmmm.. now let the creativity begin!

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Snow Day… again? sigh…

Ok so it does look very lovely outside; dancing fluffy snow flakes, everything all tucked in with a big white quilt… BUT today is the third storm in ten days?? yep yep! what to do but be a crafty kitty and finnaly organize all my ribbon, sequence, glitter, rick rack ect… oh and as you can see the original KittyWitches are keeping an eye on everything! promise more picts when task is completed xoxo purr stay toasty warm all!

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Open House of Alchemist Delights of LOVE

Sunday, February 13 · 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Location Union Station Office Building
223 St. John Street Suit #127 (follow the pink hearts of love)
Portland, ME
Please join KittyWitch Perfumery and Amy Gerow in an afternoon of pure magic, delights and LOVE. Ms.Gerow will be offering Tarot love readings, and Ms.KittyWitch will be there with her all natural perfumes Love Potion #9, Voo Doo You Love!? Persephone’s Passion (just to name a few) Also Ms. KittyWitch will be introducing her new line of Major Arcana Tarot perfumes A purrfect complement to any tarot reading… ohhh.. plus lots of yummy food and drink will be part of the alchemy expereince!
We all love the love, and wish to help you all fulfill your dreams
So come on down and put these Love Warrios to work!
plenty of parking in back!!

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A blast from holiday past…

when i was making the gift boxes last month.. (whoa only a month ago.. anyhoo) i mentioned how the process of creating the gift boxes reminded me of the christmas ornaments we used to make as kids. so as i undecorated the tree today i took some picts..its tradition to wait till Epiphany but our poor tree “little bit” was done, and i was done cleaning up all the tree needles everywhere. looking forward to Epiphany and all the inspiration, colours and food it brings. Happy New Year All! xo

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Gratitude & Epiphany Sale Dec 28th-Jan 6th

We here at KittyWitch Perfumery are sure feeling the love of the holiday season glow.. and we all want to share.. So from today December 28th – January 6th we are offering our GRATITUDE & EPIPHANY sale. Free shipping and $5 off all orders of the most magical and yummy perfumes in the universe. So give a shout out and we’ll set all the goodness in motion. Again mucho thanks for supporting the love! purrs..
and if you all are on FaceBook please swing over to our KittyWitch Perfumery Fan Page and become a fan.. it’ll keep you so up to date on all the wonders that make up the KittyWitch World! xoxo href=””>

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can you spot the KittyWitch??!! xo

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