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Why water…..

One of the components that makes my scents unique is that i compose the perfumes/colognes in a water base…. but why water?

Because at the start its what i had on hand at the time.  i just loved how the oils would “poof” become spheres and dance around in the water.  the different oils have different colors and they would form a kaleidoscope with the water in the bottles.  you shake it up and the picture changes, really shake it and the bitty bubbles look like glitter.

Why water…Yemaja speaks to me.  Mother of all waters, and Orishas.  Eventhough she is the oldest she is the most supple the most beautiful.  Her dancing is the rolling of the waves.  Honor her with flowers and perfume

Why water…Water flows through us.  The connection is universal.  The building block of life… its a good thing.

Why water…Ever see the movie “What the Bleep do we know!!??” they show the results of Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water.  How positive and negative energy affected the composition of the water molecules.  There is many a skeptic on his experiments, but honestly it makes sense to me.  Projecting your intensions, your ideas, your stories out there starts the process of making them reality.  The first baby steps in creation. …. and thats what i mean in the “Be magical, Smell Yummy”.  The magic is the intentions that each oil imparts and carries.  The water base is purrfect to convey and amplify.  I think about these intentions as i hand blend every bottle.

Why water… its elemental.  Now that is pure magic! Direction west.  Water rules emotions, love, feelings,intuition,the unconscious mind.  hmmmm…. now that could also be a description of what scent can arouse in ya!

Why water… as with conventional perfumes the medium which suspends the chemicals is usually alcohol, mineral or vegetable oil base. With the amount of GMO’s in the food supply there is a good chance those conventional scents are filled to the brim with pure evil.  No way am i playing that game!!!  I only work with the best of the best natural fragrance oil blends and essential oils!!!

Submerge your body in water, submerge your body with scent, submerge your soul with ancient memories that coil and flow through our DNA

I am just the messenger,  Love Warrior at your service.


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So a KittyWitch and a StarCat walk into a bar…..

…well not really, but StarCat did come over for a visit to my home to heal me with her wonderful reiki.  She had been visiting for the last two weeks to graciously give my 14yr old kitty Pooka Grace reiki (who was at the beginning of her end).  Pooka responded to the reiki very well she took it as a form of worship for the Empress she was. Plus the reiki performed on me kept me light and focused so I could do what needed to be done with grace and love.
This past Monday was StarCat’s first visit since Pooka’s passing, and her healing comforting touch was purrfect. I felt light and whole. plus my wings felt free and all in all the soreness that had enveloped me inside and out was gone. Plus little Azura Joy just couldn’t wait to jump up and help out with the healing!!
My spark was back and as a thank you I offered a reading to StarCat. Now I mostly use a floral tarot deck as I’m sure you understand it just vibes and makes sence to me.  It’s through the use of this deck I also compose custom perfumes/colognes with. This deck has become a good trustful friend who helps to guide my intuition.
StarCat has been gracious enough for me to share the process of her reading witch lead to the composition for her custom scent. I won’t go into details (now this KittyWitch doesn’t kiss and tell) but I’ll share the reading lay out, and the magic behind the scents. Her card selections are  the composition of her own unique blend. A nice way to translate the lessons/guidance that the universe sometimes lays in our path.

Tiger Lily/action  Iris/inspiration Daffodil/concentration Goldenrod/relationships(substituted Peppermint because goldenrod I don’t have but it corresponds to the Justice card in the Rider-Waite deck witch one of the scents is peppermint) then last was dandelion/will (substituted with Marigold witch corresponds with the Strenght card, and StarCat and myself had just been discussing the colour yellow and our solar plexus!!)

StarCats eyes lit up when she inhaled her scent yum yum a job well done… many levels of healing many levels of love. Empress approved!!! please check out StarCat’s website will all her info!!! xoxox mews

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I get by with a little help from.. the Tower!?? say what?

In the middle of all the freak out and crisis; it came to me in an overwhelming flash I am having a Tower Day. Simple, now we have a name to this fucked up messed up day that leaves me swirling in a pool of tears.
Sometimes thats all you need to get some control is a name. Not fix anything, solve or move forward just a name to contain and explain where your poor mind and heart are coming from…

So the Tower is big ju ju. A lot of people freak out with the Death card; I’m like hmm… death= change and thats ok and will happen no matter what. Change is the only constant in the universe…
But its the Tower that makes me cringe. That sudden bitch slap of change that knocks you out, takes a while to wake up regain your focus and when you do… shit you gots some cleaning up to do!
Look at the card everything is being blown to bits! Lighting bolts the works… man you are screwed, and thats what I was swimming in.
But a name for these feelings gave me that thread to cling to. Tower. lets get out the books… a deep breath and quick research bring me to Broom the plant.
Broom(Cytisus scoparius) is the main note in our Tower perfume. Down to the lair I go, find a bottle and hesitantly open and smell .. ohh soft and spicy nothing harsh or retching. I dab a bit on my wrists sigh and relax. Breath and breathe.
Focus and read more about broom:
its powers are purification, protection, calling winds, divination. Thats about right what else would I be looking for after surviving the Tower??? I would like cool winds to clear up the smoke and debris. Protection from being vulnerable after all my structure has been attacked, Purification from all the past remnants of negative forces, plus then some insight/divination when picking up the pieces of my life.
Yes this is just what I need to calm and regroup. Knowing that forces out there are to help me not hurt me. Even through the toughest times comes love and reassurance.
Nothing like a bit of Broom to clear all that jive away, and stir in all the new possibilities…

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“White heat it tickle me down to my toes…”

Sorta weird to be writing about the summer inspiration for the newest yum out of the KittyWitch lair… now that fall is here with all her glorious colours, warm crisp sunny days and cool nites to enjoy a bourbon…
but i digress…
anyhoo…there are times in the summer when it gets so damn hot (we had three digit days up here in the magical Bermuda triangle of Maine) and the humidity makes you want to cry cuz its damn oppressive. that the only way i could find relief was to hunker down in the cool dry studio/lair (yippe for basements!!). i wasn’t down there for creativity’s sake, but to save my poor brain from boiling…. and the soundtrack for this experience was the Velvet Underground. i just could NOT get enough of this stellar album… over and over the songs would sooth me as i rested and regained my mind. thoughts, memories, ideas would then start sparking away as i stared at my collection of oils. cooled down i could think and play and create…

as i played away with new combinations, i just could not leave the lemon verbena oil alone. such a yum summer scent full of lightness, golden rays and sassyness. magnolia was next added to the mix followed by pomegranate, lotus. sigh…gots a nice fruity/flower thing going on but needs more depth a bit of the dark to reflect the coolness of the lair. amber came next then moss.
Oh lord this boof is knocking my socks off, but damn this mix just wasn’t lasting. a quick note of joy that faded way to soon. other oils i tried and they failed to capture what i was feeling, and failed to make the scent lasting.. so i hit replay again, again more VU, more sweet drums from beloved Mo Tucker.
then it hit me patchouli! usually an oil i stay far far far away from. memories and scents are locked strong and my associations with patchouli are not favorable, past roommates whose distaste for showering lead to overdosing on patchouli, or to cover the stank of their rooms.
but i remember a tip that a soapmaker friend (Crow Dreams) told me about. they make an amazing rose and sandalwood soap and add just a touch of patchouli to lock it all together. so i added a little bit of it to the mix and meows it worked like a charm! it gave that base i was sooo looking for. it gave strength and lasting power, and i could not detect the patchouli smell at all, it just all rolled together purrfectly…..
and i still can’t get enough of it! what i thought would be a summer scent has seduced me right into the fall…
come on you know you want to be seduced!!! Its what us Love Warriors do… a pure pleasure for the senses.  let us warm you up and cool ya down all the way to your toes… xxxo
“White light, White light goin’ messin’ up my brain
White light, Aww white light its gonna drive me insane
White heat, Aww white heat it tickle me down to my toes
White light, Aww white light I said now goodness knows, do it” Velvet Underground

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This is what it all boils down too…

Just like the purrfect pot of percolator coffee, its the dreggs and bits at the bottom that make my most favorite cup of coffee… bits of grind mixed with honey and cream.. ohhh just delightful but intense
as i unpacked from the Superkalafragelisticexpialadocious Trunk Show
two months later…i noticed the last bits in the suitcase and surmised that this is the visual concentration of my artistic inspiration… a lot to speak and a lot to take in..might be why its taken me two months to unpack and still most of the contents still grace all of my dining table.
its ok… its a process and i am in no rush. time for a nap!
the last bits are
1.vintage pink seersucker fabric
2.gauzy pink fade to yellow fabric
3.St Joseph card
4.anitque (possibly family) hand crocheted doilies
5.handmade Love Warrior Badge
7.heart cookie cutter (possibly family)
8. two heart bubble wands
9. Six of Rods
10. KittyWitch sticker
11.”fashioned by KittyWitch” clothes label star glitter
13. silver glitter
14. sea shells
15. three viles
16.glow in the dark star
17. two swizzle sticks Hulu Girl and Mermaid jay feather fluffy feather
20.paint brush
21.two KittyWitch business cards glitter heart rick rack

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For the Love of Pansies….and for the love of Leroy

Here it is the tail end of August and my pansies are still in full bloom… Pansies in August??? Yep Yep that’s right! I still see  their cute little faces greeting me each day….
Wait a minute aren’t they the lovers of spring when it’s still a bit of chill about? Yes they do purrfer a cooler season, but my mom told me that as a child one of her jobs was to pick pansies from her grandma’s garden so they could be displayed in a pansy ring (this is a glass vase in a shape of a ring maybe 2inches high 8inches across) mom spoke that she would be picking pansies all summer long. How is that possible?? i asked her, she said that, Amanda her grandmother, my greatgrandmother would plant them under plants and in shady nooks about her garden.
So this spring i did the same…tucking them under my peonies, hostas,mint and lady’s mantle. As these plants got bigger they shaded and nurtured the pansies, and instead of picking these pansies for my pansy ring i’ve been drying them..along with all my other healing plants.
Well Pansies in floral magic are for acceptance, and this lesson hit me very hard this past spring. I had to accept the death of my beloved cat Leroy Hector. A dear friend, a true KittyWitch and a love that touches my soul.
I planted yellow pansies on his grave in remembrance to his golden marmalade colour, and yellow pansies smell the bestest… a sweet smell i can only describe as sunny joy yellow. They are still blooming on his grave a shady spot in my woods. In my sorrow i smile when i look upon these blooms, how can i not? Its magical and beautiful that they are still going!!
As i dried my pansies i had thought to coat them with egg whites them dip them in sugar to make them sparkle and be pretty, but there is no way you can sugar coat acceptance no matter how hard you try.
When things get hard and i feel as if the deeps will swallow me whole, i take a dried pansy blossom place it under my tongue and let their healing infuse me.
“As we work with this loving grandmother of the plant world, we are able to understand and accept our feelings and release them into her bosom of her love.”  from  The Flower Speaks deck
I find it very comforting that a lesson from my greatgrandmother passed to me through my mother has helped me to find the strength to accept the passing of a true love… Love never ends it just keeps blooming and growing just like the little pansies that still grace my gardens.

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Open House of Alchemist Delights Summer Soiree Saturday June 25th

Saturday, June 25 · 12-4pm
The Oak and the Ax
140 Main Street *Suite 107 (all the way in back) follow the pink hearts of LOVE
Biddeford, ME

Join the Alchemists for a Darling Summer Soiree …
yum, yum food, drink and goods vibes from the Oak and the Ax

Ms. Gerow with be available for tarot reading, and a full menu of her other magical healing services
KittyWitch Perfumery with all the Magic, Love and Yums of all natural perfumes..and colognes
Linda Reed of Crow Dreams art will be on display
Pamela DeSantis Tachibana stunning jewlery thats is Empress aproved will be available
plus.. other crafty kitties will be entering the mix..we’ll keep ya posted
come on down shake a tail feather, enjoy all the delights the Alchemists have to Soirree with Summer!!

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The Voo Doo of Vixen

Let me tell you a story or two,,, and umm… then i’ll go off on plenty of tangents..ok so there are many facets to why i adore my passion of being a perfumist, there is the creation of smelling an amazing combination that makes your imagination go off to new places, new stories are conjured up with out even trying. its the story thats the fascinating part of perfumery, it just happens. witch brings me back to the picture.. the other nite i discovered a bevy of vintage perfume ads and this one caught my attention.. hmmm green eyes, and shocking pink ears i’m in love.. not bunny nor kitty.. yes a vixen. so in my mind this is the story i came up with to go with the picture. then a bit of reality research directed me to the story of Elsa Schiaparelli, a brilliant fashion designer who favored the artistic side more than the marketing. who created with dali, cocteau, many other surreal artists, and on par with  Coco Channel.   Ms. Schiaparelli story created in perfume is Shocking, witch this picture is an ad from… the combination of bergamot,tarragon,honey,rose,narcissus,clove,civet, chypre and aldehydes..
yum.. new stories to discover. aldehydes are the first real use of synthetic compounds in perfumery. in the 1930 they bloomed into production because they caused a reaction of the perfume to actually “poof” off the skin… and get this chypre is a diverse recipe that must contain rose,jasmine, a citrus and a woods and a musk. so each house has their own unique blend, but had to contain this mix.
now all these tangents lead me to all the new stories i’m discovering and how this is what artists do! we tell stories.. i tell mine through scent.. now just imagine what stories i can help create for you…a love warrior at your service.
the Promethea light burns brightly my loves….xxo

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Spellbound on Beltaine…

Been working on a new custom perfume for a client..was given the words of “sensual,warmth,mysterious,mesmerized,oriental,woody,and spicy” plus a shout out of the clients fave scents (now this kittywitch doesn’t kiss and tell everything) some things i keep secret..anyhoo where to start??!!
Asked for the clients sign.. which is Virgo so that gives me the base of anise,narcissus and wisteria, now why these three??? well it just is.. its the magic of Virgo.. ok I’m soooo seduced by anise now..i love the look of star anise a happy yummy smelling quaint ninja star. plus anise is the deep basenote of KWP’s tarrot “Lovers’ perfume witch I can’t stop wearing (but that’s a story for another day.. sigh..)
narcissus with its sweet smell of luck, hmmm then wisteria never worked with that before? researched to find it brings illumination. now we all can use a magical dose of that! with spring so full and really here violet is next in the mix. when i smell it i see the colour purple.
and i’m liking this blend but it lacks the oriental/spicy(ness) so ginger,lotus and cardamom are vibed into the mix ohhh wow, but it now needs a bit taming of the heat.. good old vertivert my newest fave, my beloved of the woods. what a great foundation you give to this boof!!! As with all new scent creations I wear them, to get the true feel, and yesterday as the Belatine Bliss overcame me I kept sniffing this new scent mesmerized my its sensual warmth.. it is mysterious, hard to define all the scents on their own.. dare I say it?? Yes I am Spellbound, and I hope this Beltaine found you dazzled with all the possibilties……xxoo

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Frolicking with Pan in the Lair

     I love the flowies.. how can you not??  My years as a florist surrounded me in their lush scents, caressed me with soft velvet petals and the colours!!!!.. proof that the Gods & Goddesses love us.  Not surprising that  KittyWitch Perfumery’s ready wear line is full of floral scents that make you go yum!!!…. but not everyone is hooked on flowies as I am.   So I dug into our custom vault and re-discovered a past favorite “Pan’s Pleasure”.  Memories and scent are so intertwined…. memories came flooding back to me when I took my first sniff of this “boof”, memories that caught me off guard, made me smile then tear up a bit.  No regrets about the past just reflections of what could of been.  As I observed these reflections I realized that I needed to rewrite my story, and start up a new dance with my old friend Pan.  I needed to frolic with him, rediscover how he fits into my life now.  See how he would seduce me this time.  And yes Pan never fails to bring you to your knees… after smelling the new recipe all I could do was.. sigh and swoon! This combination of spice,bark,resin and grasses  so deep and full of forest naughtiness fits Pan purrfectly!!

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