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Why water…..

One of the components that makes my scents unique is that i compose the perfumes/colognes in a water base…. but why water?

Because at the start its what i had on hand at the time.  i just loved how the oils would “poof” become spheres and dance around in the water.  the different oils have different colors and they would form a kaleidoscope with the water in the bottles.  you shake it up and the picture changes, really shake it and the bitty bubbles look like glitter.

Why water…Yemaja speaks to me.  Mother of all waters, and Orishas.  Eventhough she is the oldest she is the most supple the most beautiful.  Her dancing is the rolling of the waves.  Honor her with flowers and perfume

Why water…Water flows through us.  The connection is universal.  The building block of life… its a good thing.

Why water…Ever see the movie “What the Bleep do we know!!??” they show the results of Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water.  How positive and negative energy affected the composition of the water molecules.  There is many a skeptic on his experiments, but honestly it makes sense to me.  Projecting your intensions, your ideas, your stories out there starts the process of making them reality.  The first baby steps in creation. …. and thats what i mean in the “Be magical, Smell Yummy”.  The magic is the intentions that each oil imparts and carries.  The water base is purrfect to convey and amplify.  I think about these intentions as i hand blend every bottle.

Why water… its elemental.  Now that is pure magic! Direction west.  Water rules emotions, love, feelings,intuition,the unconscious mind.  hmmmm…. now that could also be a description of what scent can arouse in ya!

Why water… as with conventional perfumes the medium which suspends the chemicals is usually alcohol, mineral or vegetable oil base. With the amount of GMO’s in the food supply there is a good chance those conventional scents are filled to the brim with pure evil.  No way am i playing that game!!!  I only work with the best of the best natural fragrance oil blends and essential oils!!!

Submerge your body in water, submerge your body with scent, submerge your soul with ancient memories that coil and flow through our DNA

I am just the messenger,  Love Warrior at your service.


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