So a KittyWitch and a StarCat walk into a bar…..

January 12, 2012 kittywitchperfumery

…well not really, but StarCat did come over for a visit to my home to heal me with her wonderful reiki.  She had been visiting for the last two weeks to graciously give my 14yr old kitty Pooka Grace reiki (who was at the beginning of her end).  Pooka responded to the reiki very well she took it as a form of worship for the Empress she was. Plus the reiki performed on me kept me light and focused so I could do what needed to be done with grace and love.
This past Monday was StarCat’s first visit since Pooka’s passing, and her healing comforting touch was purrfect. I felt light and whole. plus my wings felt free and all in all the soreness that had enveloped me inside and out was gone. Plus little Azura Joy just couldn’t wait to jump up and help out with the healing!!
My spark was back and as a thank you I offered a reading to StarCat. Now I mostly use a floral tarot deck as I’m sure you understand it just vibes and makes sence to me.  It’s through the use of this deck I also compose custom perfumes/colognes with. This deck has become a good trustful friend who helps to guide my intuition.
StarCat has been gracious enough for me to share the process of her reading witch lead to the composition for her custom scent. I won’t go into details (now this KittyWitch doesn’t kiss and tell) but I’ll share the reading lay out, and the magic behind the scents. Her card selections are  the composition of her own unique blend. A nice way to translate the lessons/guidance that the universe sometimes lays in our path.

Tiger Lily/action  Iris/inspiration Daffodil/concentration Goldenrod/relationships(substituted Peppermint because goldenrod I don’t have but it corresponds to the Justice card in the Rider-Waite deck witch one of the scents is peppermint) then last was dandelion/will (substituted with Marigold witch corresponds with the Strenght card, and StarCat and myself had just been discussing the colour yellow and our solar plexus!!)

StarCats eyes lit up when she inhaled her scent yum yum a job well done… many levels of healing many levels of love. Empress approved!!! please check out StarCat’s website will all her info!!! xoxox mews


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