I get by with a little help from.. the Tower!?? say what?

October 10, 2011 kittywitchperfumery

In the middle of all the freak out and crisis; it came to me in an overwhelming flash I am having a Tower Day. Simple, now we have a name to this fucked up messed up day that leaves me swirling in a pool of tears.
Sometimes thats all you need to get some control is a name. Not fix anything, solve or move forward just a name to contain and explain where your poor mind and heart are coming from…

So the Tower is big ju ju. A lot of people freak out with the Death card; I’m like hmm… death= change and thats ok and will happen no matter what. Change is the only constant in the universe…
But its the Tower that makes me cringe. That sudden bitch slap of change that knocks you out, takes a while to wake up regain your focus and when you do… shit you gots some cleaning up to do!
Look at the card everything is being blown to bits! Lighting bolts the works… man you are screwed, and thats what I was swimming in.
But a name for these feelings gave me that thread to cling to. Tower. lets get out the books… a deep breath and quick research bring me to Broom the plant.
Broom(Cytisus scoparius) is the main note in our Tower perfume. Down to the lair I go, find a bottle and hesitantly open and smell .. ohh soft and spicy nothing harsh or retching. I dab a bit on my wrists sigh and relax. Breath and breathe.
Focus and read more about broom:
its powers are purification, protection, calling winds, divination. Thats about right what else would I be looking for after surviving the Tower??? I would like cool winds to clear up the smoke and debris. Protection from being vulnerable after all my structure has been attacked, Purification from all the past remnants of negative forces, plus then some insight/divination when picking up the pieces of my life.
Yes this is just what I need to calm and regroup. Knowing that forces out there are to help me not hurt me. Even through the toughest times comes love and reassurance.
Nothing like a bit of Broom to clear all that jive away, and stir in all the new possibilities…


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