“White heat it tickle me down to my toes…”

September 26, 2011 kittywitchperfumery

Sorta weird to be writing about the summer inspiration for the newest yum out of the KittyWitch lair… now that fall is here with all her glorious colours, warm crisp sunny days and cool nites to enjoy a bourbon…
but i digress…
anyhoo…there are times in the summer when it gets so damn hot (we had three digit days up here in the magical Bermuda triangle of Maine) and the humidity makes you want to cry cuz its damn oppressive. that the only way i could find relief was to hunker down in the cool dry studio/lair (yippe for basements!!). i wasn’t down there for creativity’s sake, but to save my poor brain from boiling…. and the soundtrack for this experience was the Velvet Underground. i just could NOT get enough of this stellar album… over and over the songs would sooth me as i rested and regained my mind. thoughts, memories, ideas would then start sparking away as i stared at my collection of oils. cooled down i could think and play and create…

as i played away with new combinations, i just could not leave the lemon verbena oil alone. such a yum summer scent full of lightness, golden rays and sassyness. magnolia was next added to the mix followed by pomegranate, lotus. sigh…gots a nice fruity/flower thing going on but needs more depth a bit of the dark to reflect the coolness of the lair. amber came next then moss.
Oh lord this boof is knocking my socks off, but damn this mix just wasn’t lasting. a quick note of joy that faded way to soon. other oils i tried and they failed to capture what i was feeling, and failed to make the scent lasting.. so i hit replay again, again more VU, more sweet drums from beloved Mo Tucker.
then it hit me patchouli! usually an oil i stay far far far away from. memories and scents are locked strong and my associations with patchouli are not favorable, past roommates whose distaste for showering lead to overdosing on patchouli, or to cover the stank of their rooms.
but i remember a tip that a soapmaker friend (Crow Dreams) told me about. they make an amazing rose and sandalwood soap and add just a touch of patchouli to lock it all together. so i added a little bit of it to the mix and meows it worked like a charm! it gave that base i was sooo looking for. it gave strength and lasting power, and i could not detect the patchouli smell at all, it just all rolled together purrfectly…..
and i still can’t get enough of it! what i thought would be a summer scent has seduced me right into the fall…
come on you know you want to be seduced!!! Its what us Love Warriors do… a pure pleasure for the senses.  let us warm you up and cool ya down all the way to your toes… xxxo
“White light, White light goin’ messin’ up my brain
White light, Aww white light its gonna drive me insane
White heat, Aww white heat it tickle me down to my toes
White light, Aww white light I said now goodness knows, do it” Velvet Underground


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