For the Love of Pansies….and for the love of Leroy

August 21, 2011 kittywitchperfumery

Here it is the tail end of August and my pansies are still in full bloom… Pansies in August??? Yep Yep that’s right! I still see  their cute little faces greeting me each day….
Wait a minute aren’t they the lovers of spring when it’s still a bit of chill about? Yes they do purrfer a cooler season, but my mom told me that as a child one of her jobs was to pick pansies from her grandma’s garden so they could be displayed in a pansy ring (this is a glass vase in a shape of a ring maybe 2inches high 8inches across) mom spoke that she would be picking pansies all summer long. How is that possible?? i asked her, she said that, Amanda her grandmother, my greatgrandmother would plant them under plants and in shady nooks about her garden.
So this spring i did the same…tucking them under my peonies, hostas,mint and lady’s mantle. As these plants got bigger they shaded and nurtured the pansies, and instead of picking these pansies for my pansy ring i’ve been drying them..along with all my other healing plants.
Well Pansies in floral magic are for acceptance, and this lesson hit me very hard this past spring. I had to accept the death of my beloved cat Leroy Hector. A dear friend, a true KittyWitch and a love that touches my soul.
I planted yellow pansies on his grave in remembrance to his golden marmalade colour, and yellow pansies smell the bestest… a sweet smell i can only describe as sunny joy yellow. They are still blooming on his grave a shady spot in my woods. In my sorrow i smile when i look upon these blooms, how can i not? Its magical and beautiful that they are still going!!
As i dried my pansies i had thought to coat them with egg whites them dip them in sugar to make them sparkle and be pretty, but there is no way you can sugar coat acceptance no matter how hard you try.
When things get hard and i feel as if the deeps will swallow me whole, i take a dried pansy blossom place it under my tongue and let their healing infuse me.
“As we work with this loving grandmother of the plant world, we are able to understand and accept our feelings and release them into her bosom of her love.”  from  The Flower Speaks deck
I find it very comforting that a lesson from my greatgrandmother passed to me through my mother has helped me to find the strength to accept the passing of a true love… Love never ends it just keeps blooming and growing just like the little pansies that still grace my gardens.


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