The Voo Doo of Vixen

May 23, 2011 kittywitchperfumery

Let me tell you a story or two,,, and umm… then i’ll go off on plenty of tangents..ok so there are many facets to why i adore my passion of being a perfumist, there is the creation of smelling an amazing combination that makes your imagination go off to new places, new stories are conjured up with out even trying. its the story thats the fascinating part of perfumery, it just happens. witch brings me back to the picture.. the other nite i discovered a bevy of vintage perfume ads and this one caught my attention.. hmmm green eyes, and shocking pink ears i’m in love.. not bunny nor kitty.. yes a vixen. so in my mind this is the story i came up with to go with the picture. then a bit of reality research directed me to the story of Elsa Schiaparelli, a brilliant fashion designer who favored the artistic side more than the marketing. who created with dali, cocteau, many other surreal artists, and on par with  Coco Channel.   Ms. Schiaparelli story created in perfume is Shocking, witch this picture is an ad from… the combination of bergamot,tarragon,honey,rose,narcissus,clove,civet, chypre and aldehydes..
yum.. new stories to discover. aldehydes are the first real use of synthetic compounds in perfumery. in the 1930 they bloomed into production because they caused a reaction of the perfume to actually “poof” off the skin… and get this chypre is a diverse recipe that must contain rose,jasmine, a citrus and a woods and a musk. so each house has their own unique blend, but had to contain this mix.
now all these tangents lead me to all the new stories i’m discovering and how this is what artists do! we tell stories.. i tell mine through scent.. now just imagine what stories i can help create for you…a love warrior at your service.
the Promethea light burns brightly my loves….xxo


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  • 1. Amy  |  May 24, 2011 at 12:05 am

    I want it…have you made it yet? I want it!!! yum meow–today my boss told me something in here smells so beautiful and I told him it was Open Your Eyes and he said you smell like a flower Amy ha ha ha ha ha…you are the magick!!

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