Spellbound on Beltaine…

May 2, 2011 kittywitchperfumery

Been working on a new custom perfume for a client..was given the words of “sensual,warmth,mysterious,mesmerized,oriental,woody,and spicy” plus a shout out of the clients fave scents (now this kittywitch doesn’t kiss and tell everything) some things i keep secret..anyhoo where to start??!!
Asked for the clients sign.. which is Virgo so that gives me the base of anise,narcissus and wisteria, now why these three??? well it just is.. its the magic of Virgo.. ok I’m soooo seduced by anise now..i love the look of star anise a happy yummy smelling quaint ninja star. plus anise is the deep basenote of KWP’s tarrot “Lovers’ perfume witch I can’t stop wearing (but that’s a story for another day.. sigh..)
narcissus with its sweet smell of luck, hmmm then wisteria never worked with that before? researched to find it brings illumination. now we all can use a magical dose of that! with spring so full and really here violet is next in the mix. when i smell it i see the colour purple.
and i’m liking this blend but it lacks the oriental/spicy(ness) so ginger,lotus and cardamom are vibed into the mix ohhh wow, but it now needs a bit taming of the heat.. good old vertivert my newest fave, my beloved of the woods. what a great foundation you give to this boof!!! As with all new scent creations I wear them, to get the true feel, and yesterday as the Belatine Bliss overcame me I kept sniffing this new scent mesmerized my its sensual warmth.. it is mysterious, hard to define all the scents on their own.. dare I say it?? Yes I am Spellbound, and I hope this Beltaine found you dazzled with all the possibilties……xxoo


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  • 1. amy  |  May 2, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    Could I please have a bottle of this? lol
    I need to pay you for Pam’s perfume, I wound up using hers…oh well, this is how it goes. xxooo…I AM A VIRGO, so I think this will be perfect for moi

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